Chronic Migraine, Random Ramblings

A shout into the void

I love blogs. I love reading blogs, I love writing blogs but I’ll admit that I can be more than a little flaky when it comes to committing to writing one. This must be the fifth or sixth blog that I’ve started. Only one of them lasted more than a couple of months. It eventually fizzled out after several years due to a combination of illness and self doubt. Since then I’ve been trying to recapture the essence of that blog, attempting to imitate my own blogging style and it just hasn’t worked. More than likely because I’m not that person anymore (thank goodness!) and also because I have different interests and passions and opinions than I did back then. I’ve also tried to write subject-specific blogs – book blogs mainly but I’ve found that doing that paints me into a corner, I can’t be spontaneous or go off on a tangent about a random subject. And when my tendency to waffle is stifled I get bored quickly.

So, why am I starting this particular blog at this point in my life?

Well, that’s a good question. There are several answers, so I’m just gonna go ahead and list them.

  • I’m close to turning 31 and I guess I want to celebrate my third decade of life.
  • In the next few months, I’ll be beginning my journey with adult braces and jaw surgery to correct severe crowding, cross-bite and underbite and I think it could be cool to document my journey somewhere other than the jumble of random images that is the camera roll on my phone.
  • I’ve always loved to write, have a BA in writing and I’m currently working on a novel as well as steadily amassing a pile of poems. This is a way to refine my writing outside of the forms I usually work with.
  • I’m a huge reader and I’m currently attempting the PopSugar Reading Challenge, which is a list of book related prompts to help diversify your reading. At the beginning of 2017, I created a blog specifically to track the challenge but you guessed it, I’ve kind of fallen behind with it. I could incorporate those posts into this blog.

And finally,

as the name of this blog implies, I am a Migraineur. I have suffered from Migraines since I was 10 years old. In 2012, my Migraines evolved from ‘Episodic’ to ‘Chronic’, a more serious form of Migraine that involves experiencing 15 or more migrainous days per month.

My case is complicated, there are certain medications I can’t take, the five medications I’ve tried haven’t worked or have made me ill, I developed antibodies to fight the Botox injections I was given regularly for 2 years (and which improved my condition by 75%). I’m currently unmedicated and receiving Greater and Lesser Occipital Nerve Blocks (Lidocaine and Steroids injected directly into the nerves at the back of the head) at regular intervals until my Neurologist figures out what to try next. Apart from the days immediately following the nerve blocks, I am in continuous pain, almost constantly nauseous, have permanent tinnitus and various other neurological symptoms caused by my migraines.

It’s pretty shit to be frank but I’ve reached a place where I’ve come to a sort of acceptance of the constant pain. I’ve lost a lot due to my illness: my career, some friends, any chance I had of becoming a mother. There were times when I believed I’d lost myself, when I didn’t want to carry on. But in the last year I’ve realised that I can’t change what I’m going through, I just have to keep going, keep ploughing on and make the best out of the good days.

I guess that’s the main point of this blog, to communicate with other Migraineurs, to educate and inform people about Migraine and the fact that it isn’t simply a headache. But ultimately, this blog will end up being a jumble of topics: rants, reviews, photographs, snippets of writing.

I’d love it if you’d join me on my journey.




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